This is a white or black candlestick line with the same close as the previous opposite color candlestick and it is a reversal signal. Whereas the counterattack line has the same close, the separating lines in Exhibit 7.42 have the same open as the previous opposite color candlestick. The separating line is a continuation pattern.

During a market rise, a black real body (especially a relatively long one) would be cause for concern if you are long. The bears might be gaining control. However, if the next session’s opening gaps higher to open at the previous black session’s opening price, it shows that the bears lost control of the market. If this white candlestick session then closes higher, it tells us the bulls have regained control and the prior price rise should continue. This is the scenario which unfolds with the bullish separating line as shown in Exhibit 7.42. The white line should also be a bullish belt hold (that is, open on the low of the session). The opposite would be true with the bearish separating line in exhibit 7.42. This is viewed as a bearish continuation pattern.