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Algos Defined and Explained

There are many definitions of the word ‘Algorithm.’ Here are a few examples: A plan consisting of a number of steps precisely setting out a sequence of actions to achieve a defined task. The basic algo is deterministic, giving the same results from the same inputs every time. A precise step-by-step plan for a computational […]

History of Algorithmic Trading

The origin of theword ‘Algorithm’ can be traced to circa 820 AD when Al Kwharizmi, a Persian mathematician living in what is now Uzbekistan, wrote a ‘Treatise on the Calculation with Arabic Numerals.’ This was probably the foundation stone of our mathematics. He is also credited with the roots of the word ‘algebra,’ coming from […]

The Importance Of A Stop Loss

All good methodologies use stops. A protective stop loss is an order to exit a long or short position when prices move against you to specified price. The stop loss insures against a usually large loss and has to be used in one way or another. An initial stop loss can be placed with your […]


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